Rebecca Sieff Centre for the Family, Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem

For children with moderate to severe learning and behavioral sensory issues, school is more than challenging – it can be devastating. 

Without WIZO

Youth with these types of difficulties must find the key that will unlock their lives - the path that works for them to succeed. 


WIZO runs specialty schools geared towards youth who need a different kind of framework in order to thrive.

The WIZO Vocational High School, in the Rebecca Sieff Centre for the Family is a co-ed school for students who cannot be integrated into a regular educational framework. It is locatedin the heart of Jerusalem's Beit Hakerem neighborhood, and is the only school in Israel that gives special education students a high school diploma and a job. The school operates in cooperation with the Israel Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

Every student completes an individualized program fitted for his or her talents and leaves the school as a skilled employee.

The unique approach of the school includes a holistic approach to each student, preparing them for more than employment, but life as a fully functional, responsible and social adult. There are a variety of therapists on staff (psychologists, social workers, counselors, and creative arts therapists) who are an integral part of the educational experience.

Vocational studies are held in modern, specially designed areas, which are spacious and in accordance with professional standards. Classes are small and each student receives individual attention. Students choose from the following professions:


Areas of Study:

  • Chef Training
  • Hairdressing
  • Music Sound and Production

Students in all tracks also study core subjects such as Language; Civics; Mathematics; Literature.

Graduates who successfully pass their final examination, receive a Vocational Certificate. Many also simultaneously study for matriculation examinations in the core subjects.


Special Projects:

Tzalash - Tzalash - A unique one-year program providing special skills for girls, preparing them for military or national service.

Mahut- A special learning center especially for students with learning and attention difficulties. Mahut helps students overcome and compensate for their difficulties in order to function normally.

Why We Need You

The school building is now decades old and the students study under difficult conditions. In order to provide a better learning environment, we must renovate the building. In addition, WIZO is looking to fund further private study hours for students with special needs that are not funded by the Ministry of Education. 

"Before I came to WIZO Bet Hakerem, I failed at every school. No one knew how to teach a poor, Russian speaking boy. Here, they listened, they taught, and they tried until I succeeded.”
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