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Straight Facts

In this edition of Straight Facts we look at recent antisemitism at the United Nations, examine the lasting scars of the Pesach terror attack in 2002 and more.

In the last weeks, Israel’s children have gone back to school and we wish all of our students a happy and productive years. Representatives of WIZO from our executive in Israel and Federations attended the 125th anniversary of Zionism in Basel, Switzerland and it was a tremendous honor to be a part of such a historical event.

In this edition of Straight Facts we look at recent antisemitism at the United Nations, examine the lasting scars of the Pesach terror attack in 2002 and more.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all L’Shana Tova Umetukah – may you all be inscribed for a happy, prosperous safe and healthy new year.

Rolene Marks,

World WIZO Executive: Public Diplomacy & Hasbara

+ 972 52 582 9090


WATCH: The International Legal Forum discusses The Mapping Project

Several weeks ago, the Boston branch of BDS published a map of Jewish institutions, including synagogues, community centres and school. This alarming labelling of Jews brings back painful memories of our darkest days. Watch more here:

War Has Consequences: The 20 year Scar of the Second Intifada

It was twenty years ago, on the first night of Passover 2002, that the most infamous suicide bombing in Israel took place. This event has left a lasting wound on the Israeli psyche and informs the way we react to terrorism.


How Amnesty International Became Putin’s Mouthpiece

Amnesty International was once one of the most respected human rights organisations in the world. Sadly, their reputation is plummeting rapidly as they become not only the mouthpiece for Russia but focus obsessively on Israel – while ignoring their own record of institutional racism:


UNhealthy Obsession

Is the United Nations OBSESSED with Israel? It seems that various UN bodies, like the UN Human Rights Council have a disproportionate focus on the Jewish state – at the expense of other major conflicts. Read more:


What CNN’s Dana Bash learned Covering Antisemitism

CNN reporter, Dana Bash recently hosted a report looking at the alarming rise of antisemitism and she learned a few things about her own Jewish identity. Read more here:


Hamas Issues Rules – Then Rescinds Reporting on Gaza

Hamas rule Gaza with an iron fist – so how does this impact on press coverage? The Associated Press (AP) published this rare insight into how news is controlled in the Gaza strip:


UN Antisemitism Reaches a New Low

Just when you thought that the UN couldn’t stoop any lower – it seemed that UNHRC Commission of Inquiry investigator, Miloon Kothari, scraped the bottom of the barrel. Arsen Ostrovsky investigated the blatant antisemitism inside this once respected institution:


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