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In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at how UNRWA propagates hate in textbooks, bear witness to the atrocities in the south, spend some time with Douglas Murray and more.

As I write this, it has been almost five months since that Black Sabbath that saw over 1200 brutally murdered and over 240 kidnapped. To date, there are still 134 hostages held in Gaza – BRING THEM HOME NOW! We also bow our head in memoriam for our fallen IDF warriors – may their memories be eternally blessed.

In recent weeks, the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) has made headlines for being complicit in the massacre of 7/10. In this edition of Straight Facts, we look at how UNRWA propagates hate in textbooks, bear witness to the atrocities in the south, spend some time with Douglas Murray and more.

Rolene Marks,

World WIZO, Head of Public Diplomacy

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WATCH: An evening with Douglas Murray

Stand with Us recently hosted an evening with Douglas Murray, who has proven himself a great friend of Israel – you can watch him here:


WATCH: “I could hear them right outside my window! Hear the stories of the survivors of Kibbutz Nirim”

It is important that the world continues to hear the stories of the victims of 7/10 – watch residents of Kibbutz Nirim share theirs:


WATCH: Navigating Myths: Humanitarian Law & Urban Warfare in the Israel-Hamas War

Hear from two of the world’s foremost military experts how Israel is conducting the war against Hamas in terms of humanitarian aid and urban warfare.


Bearing Witness

The world has forgotten the atrocities of 7 October. It is our duty to honour the victims, bear witness and ensure that the world does NOT forget:


A Former Sudanese Slave Supports Israel

A former Sudanese slave feels a kinship with the people of Israel and came here in our time of need. Read more about his experience here:


Civilian Deaths in Gaza

Media outlets parrot statistics of civilian casualties given to them by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health – but what is actually happening on the ground?


UN Terror Teachers

Propagating hate instead of equipping students – what do UNRWA teachers teach their students?


South Africa’s case at the ICJ a “Sinister Election Ploy”?

What is the motive for South Africa taking Israel to the International Court of Justice? Is this a ploy to hide the failures of the ruling ANC in an election year?


UNRWA and Schools in Gaza

The United Nations Relied Works Agency (UNRWA) is often accused of perpetuating the conflict with the Palestinians – most evidently through their textbooks and teachings. The Daily Mail published this expose:


Ten Facts about the Houthis

Who are the Houthis who creating havoc by firing missiles at southern Israel – and disrupting vital shipping routes? Here are 10 facts:


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