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Straight Facts

In this edition of Straight Facts – read President Herzog’s historic speech to Congress, learn lessons from Jamie Foxx, meet Rachel Kagan and more.

Shana Tova! It is a brand New Year in the Hebrew calendar and it brings with it fresh starts – and renewed hope. The past year has seen a lot of turbulence and despite growing divisions, WIZO remains resolutely focused on stability and unity.  We hold amongst our WIZO family, a diverse range of opinions, but most important is our unbreakable unity. This is our focus – especially as Israel navigates sensitive terrain.

In this edition of Straight Facts – read President Herzog’s historic speech to Congress, learn lessons from Jamie Foxx, meet Rachel Kagan and more.

Rolene Marks,

World WIZO Executive: Head of Public Diplomacy & Hasbara

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Listen: WIZO’s Rachel Cohen Kagan

There were two women who signed Israel’s Declaration of Independence – one was Golda Meir and the other was Rachel Kagan. Learn more about this phenomenal WIZO lady in this podcast:


Lessons from Jamie Foxx

What can we learn from actor Jamie Foxx’s recent social media controversy? Perhaps more than a jab at Jews, it presented opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures. Read more:


The Only Jew in Greenland

Did you know there is one Jew who lives in Greenland? Read more about who Greenland’s only Jew is – and what he does for a living:


Scholars, Be Careful with your Words!

“Scholars, Be Careful with Your Words” – Psychological Warfare in the Age of Social Media and Political Discord. Read more about why this is important:


The Sky is the Limit!

Former Israeli Air Force Commander, Amikam Norkin has been visiting WIZO Federations where he has featured as a keynote speaker. Here is an interview, featured in the Australian Jewish News:


Nelson Mandela’s Relationship with Israel

Anti-Apartheid and human rights icon, Nelson Mandela had a complicated relationship with the State of Israel. How did he feel about the Jewish state? Read more:


Full Text: President Herzog’s Historic Speech to Congress

President Herzog addressed a joint sitting of the US House of Congress when he visited in July and gave a historic speech. Here is the full text of the President’s speech that received many standing ovations:


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