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Straight Facts

In this special edition of Straight Facts, I have compiled evidence, articles and a fact sheet so that we cannot only bear witness; but also educate our communities, challenge misinformation and fight back!

Where do I even begin? It has been over 70 days since the barbaric and depraved events on 7/10 when Hamas terrorists, under cover of rocket fire, infiltrated peaceful communities and army bases in the south, murdering, torturing, mutilating and raping 1200 of our brothers and sisters and kidnapping 240. This was Israel’s darkest day and a day when the most Jews were slaughtered in one day since the Holocaust. It has become known as “Black Sabbath.” By the end of 7 October, Israel was at war with Hamas, a war that continues until we achieve our goals: the eradication of Hamas and the return of all of our hostages.

The pain is too much to bear and Israel remains a country deep in grief – but resolute in our support for our men and women of the IDF.

We thought that the world would understand what we are dealing with in Hamas and their chief sponsor Iran; but the sympathy was short lived and since then a tsunami of antisemitism engulfs the world.

Something has happened to us as Jews and Zionists as well. As frightening as it is, Jews around the world have never felt more proud and more united in our identity. Despite being warned not to wear anything that identifies us for the sake of safety, Jews around the world are wearing their kippot, Magen Davids and other symbols with pride.

This is why in spite of our heartache, we will prevail.

In this special edition of Straight Facts, I have compiled evidence, articles and a fact sheet so that we cannot only bear witness; but also educate our communities, challenge misinformation and fight back!

Warning: the contents of this newsletter are graphic and may be upsetting.


Rolene Marks

World WIZO: Head of Public Diplomacy & Hasbara

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Those we Lost

We remember, we honour and we will never forget those we lost. Unto every person, there is a name:


WATCH: Hear our Voices:

Watch expert speakers and witnesses demand accountability from UN Women about the horrific rapes and gender based violence Israeli women endured on 7 October:


WATCH: Unpacked: How did the October 7 Hamas attack change Israel?


WATCH: Josh Wander, a first responder from ZAKA gives testimony about what he saw:


WATCH: How the Tibon family miraculously survived 7/10:


WATCH: Inside the Kibbutz Be’eri Massacre


WATCH: Piers Morgan interviews President Isaac Herzog


LISTEN: Douglas Murray is featured on the Triggernometry podcast “It is all about survival:


Evidence of Hamas Massacre

Images and footage from the Hamas massacre have been uploaded to this website. The content is very upsetting but as massacre denial grows, it has become imperative to show evidence:


The silence of international bodies betrays all women

Israel’s First Lady, Mrs. Michal Herzog writes about why the silence of many women’s organisations and international bodies about mass rapes on 7/10 betrays all women:


Israel has not committed war crimes in Gaza

Military expert, John Spencer, a regular contributor to international media explains why Israel’s conduct in Gaza does not amount to war crimes:


Inside Gaza where Israel is trying to save civilians from Hamas

Douglas Murray takes us inside Gaza where the IDF is trying to ensure as few civilian casualties as possible:


The Sisters are Silent

Women’s organisations and feminists have brought shame upon themselves through their silence.


The Lonely People of History

Yossi Klein Halevi writes this outstanding article explaining that when the international community loses moral clarity, we still hold on to our truth:


A Shattering

A poem that pierces the soul with its raw honesty written by a young survivor from an army base along the border.


Bring Them Home

Over 100 hostages have been released – however over 130 are still being held captive by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza strip. Bring them home!


Hamas Fact Sheet

A fact sheet that explains all about who terror organization, Hamas, is:


The Israel We Knew Died on 7/10

Israelis will never be the same people who went to sleep on the evening of 6 October. A month after the attacks, the author shared his thoughts:


Bearing Witness in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Israel’s peaceful border communities became killing fields. Read this account from the writer who witnessed the aftermath:


The Normalization of Savagery:

Societies that give up on freedom will soon find it replaced by violence. Brendan O’Neil writes about the response that some have had to the atrocities of 7/10:


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