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Straight Facts

In this issue we examine Kanye West’s inflammatory comments, examine campus antisemitism and more.

By the time you read this, Israelis would have headed to the polls for the 5th election in under 4 years. It seems we like democracy so much, we do it again! And again.

While we celebrate Israel’s vibrant and robust democracy, we look around the world with growing alarm and concern at rising antisemitism. Please note, that whatever the needs of your Federations and communities, we are here to assist. Straight Facts is one of the important resources with carefully curated content that looks at the important issues affecting us all.

In this issue, we examine Kanye West’s inflammatory comments, take a look at campus antisemitism and more.

Rolene Marks,

World WIZO: Head of Public Diplomacy & Hasbara

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WATCH: Marie Forleo Interviews Holocaust Survivor, Dr. Edith Eger

Something for the soul! Holocaust survivor and best-selling author, Dr. Edith Eger chats with media personality, Marie Forleo. This is the podcast you didn’t know you needed – but will give you a new lease on life:


ADL Report on Campus Anti-Israel Activism in the US 2021 – 22

Campuses in the United States are hotbeds of anti-Israel activity and a climate of intimidation and intolerance that has resulted in many Jewish students and faculty feeling unsafe. How big is this problem? Read more in the ADL report here:


Abraham Accords – A Triumph of Prosperity for the Region

It has been two years since the historic Abraham Accords were signed and since then the winds of peace – and prosperity — have blown through the region. Read more about how these agreements are transforming the Middle East on a daily basis:


My Post-Graduation Plan? I am Immigrating to Israel!

This sobering article, written by Blake Flayton, describes the ever-worrying situation for Jews and Zionists and university campuses and how this experience informed his decision to make Aliyah after his graduation:


Oy Vey, Ye!

Rapper Kanye West has spent the last few weeks going on rant after rant against Jews. We cannot dismiss this as the raving of somebody who is unraveling. What should we be doing? Read more here:


Has Antisemitism Become Mainstream in the US?

Over the last few weeks, Jews have watched with great alarm as antisemitism is becoming more mainstream in the popular US media. From podcast host Joe Rogan hosting notorious antisemite, Roger Waters, to the appalling comments from Kanye West, the trend is very, very worrying. Read more:


College Leftists Silencing Zionism?

Universities are meant to be the marketplace of thoughts and ideas; but have the voices of pro-Israel and Zionist students and faculty been silenced by an agenda pushed by left-leaning activists?


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