WIZO Hadassim Children and Youth Village is located in Even Yehuda (near Netanya) in central Israel, and is comprised of a middle and high school, boarding facilities, and an agricultural farm.

WIZO Hadassim was established in 1947 for European Jewish refugee children. It offers a transformative educational experience. Guided by Janusz Korczak’s principles, the school promotes a diverse and respectful atmosphere, fostering genuine interactions between different student populations. Volunteering is integral, cultivating a sense of responsibility and connection to Israeli society.

An Award-Winning School

WIZO Hadassim stands as a distinctive mosaic that beautifully embodies the diversity of Israeli society. Over time, it has welcomed students from diverse backgrounds, including immigrants from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, Europe and Latin America, as well as native Israelis. The village houses one of Israel’s largest high schools, accommodating some 1,250 students in grades 7-12 including 350 residential boarding students.

The school places strong emphasis on Aliyah absorption, helping students integrate emotionally and physically into the country. Among the hundreds of new and veteran “olim” are more than 200 participants in the Na’aleh program, from the former Soviet Union, Latin America, Europe and more – including around 25 Ukrainian children who were refugees from the war that has been raging in their homeland for nearly two years.

Hadassim provides all its students a holistic overall educational framework, including the emotional, social, and familial support necessary for academic success. In addition, boarding school students receive housing, clothing, travel assistance, and other individualized care to meet their specific socioeconomic needs.

There is a very open and positive approach to multiculturalism at Hadassim. In addition to the full gamut of Jewish and Israeli holidays, the students and staff also celebrate Mimouna, the post-Passover holiday that originated in the North African Jewish communities; the Ethiopian holiday of Sigd; and Novy God, the Russian New Year.

In 2018, WIZO Hadassim received the National Education Prize for its outstanding educational approach. In 2019, its French and Latin American programs achieved a 100% matriculation rate for the bagrut exams. Graduates excel in diverse fields, and a high percentage go on to serve in the IDF, surpassing national averages.

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Values and Strengths – The Village’s Uniqueness

Hadassim functions in educational hubs: Each hub receives professional guidance from a company, academic institution, or expert with a good reputation and practical and academic experience. Through this professional guidance, important collaborations are formed. Among the partners in the hubs are: Amdocs, Women’s Business Leadership, Israeli Spirit, Achievement Foundation, International Youth Award, Docu Aviv Young, MUN, and the Rimon School.

Hadassim fosters artistic talents, providing opportunities to the world of entertainment — acting, poetry, dance, cinema, music. Among our talented graduates: Guy and Yahel, Galit Gutman, Gil Tamari, Zofit Grant, Eden Harel, and Shelly Yahimovitch.

Areas of Excellence

  • Life preparation programs – (national service year, pre-military academies, meaningful military service, academia)
  • Allows educators to realize their potential and express their personality as part of a contributing society.
  • Education for tolerance and diversity – the village is a multicultural, inclusive space (a large portion of the students are from Latin America, something that can be utilized functionally).
  • 94% graduation rate
  • Personalized attention for each student – small group lessons, private lessons, academic preparation, personal empowerment, development of students’ life skills and talents.
  • Abundance of extracurricular clubs and educational activities – sports, music, art, youth movements, field trips

Hadassim also operates an array of frameworks for the most vulnerable youth in Israeli society, including:

Five foster family homes – These facilities provide a warm and supportive home to 60 children ages 6 – 18 from dysfunctional families. The children live with foster parents and receive everything they need to thrive and succeed.

Emergency center for children at high risk – Children ages 2 to 12 who are removed from their parents’ homes due to neglect and abuse are fostered here temporarily until a more permanent solution is found for them. A team of social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, therapists and counselors care for each child.

Therapeutic Center – Addressing the emotional needs of students in distress. Staff social workers and psychologists use various therapies to help each student work through their crises and assimilate socially and academically.

WIZO Hadassim’s thousands of graduates include numerous prominent Israelis from diverse walks of life, including the military, politics and government, the arts and media, and more. One of Hadassim’s most illustrious past students is Gila Almagor, the “queen of Israeli cinema and drama”, whose award-winning novel “Under the Domim Tree” took place in Hadassim.

Media Videos about Hadassim: 

An Inside Look at Life at WIZO Hadassim Youth Village (from Israeli channel “Kan” TV)
Eden Harel, Israeli actress and MTV star, shares her personal life-changing journey at WIZO Hadassim, her home from age 11.


To visit WIZO Hadassim’s Hebrew site, go to: wizo-hadassim.org.il

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