Nir Ha’Emek


WIZO Nir Ha’Emek Youth Village is located in the Jezreel Valley in the north of Israel and was founded in 1927. It is a six-year school that includes middle school and high school serving the students of the Jezreel Valley as well as dormitory students who come from all over Israel.


At Nir Ha’Emek, we believe that educational, academic, and social activities provide our students with the opportunity and proper chance to develop as mature individuals, realizing themselves and contributing to their environment. The school strives to cultivate a top-notch education system for the benefit of students and teachers through advanced communication systems, innovative technology and access to the leading pedagogical practices in Israel.

Nir Ha’Emek is an educational institution operating in the spirit of Zionist values, love for Israel and respect for democracy, nurturing youth for a life of high quality and substance, community involvement, and civic involvement. The youth village provides academic and social opportunities, safety and security, and emotional resilience, which enables students’ self-realization and the achievement of a meaningful and quality diploma.

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The vision of this youth village is to produce graduates who will be connected to the heritage of their people and the land, engaged leaders contributing to the community, possessing developed civic awareness, loving knowledge, being curious, aspiring for excellence, and having the ability to cope with future challenges.

Village Values:

– Aspiration for excellence (not only for the excellent) and maximizing the personal potential of each student.
– The village staff sees a central goal in nurturing a learning student, focusing on in-depth study in their areas of interest while, simultaneously, exposing them to broad general education in other fields.
– The attitude towards the individual student focuses primarily on the uniqueness of the adolescent, his or her unique skills, and special needs, both with difficult students and exceptionally talented students.
– The integration of activities – educational, academic, social, and communal – providing each of our students with a worthy and appropriate opportunity to develop as mature and competent individuals.
– The learning environment – qualitative and supportive, emphasizes a quality integration of the human dimension, conceptualized in a well-invested ecological space of time, resources, and thought to create a clean, aesthetic, and pleasant environment.
– Unique tracks: police academy, agricultural branch and studies of various and diverse agricultural branches, a youth empowerment program on wheels, leadership programs, unique educational programs embodying excellence cultivation, various expanded professional courses, and more.


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