Maya Rosenberg WIZO Municipal Technological High School, Rehovot

WIZO Rehovot School was founded in the year 5695 (1935) by Dr. Maya Rosenberg. The school was established in the heart of the Marmorek neighborhood in Rehovot. Its aim was to accommodate girls from the Yemenite community, teach them to read and write, and prevent them from entering the workforce at a young age.

In 1947, the school was transferred to the ownership of WIZO. Since 1963, the school has operated as a technological high school under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. In 1996, it transitioned to joint ownership between the municipality of Rehovot and WIZO.

The founders and managers of the school, Yokheved and Yaakov Tzuk, were disciples of Janusz Korczak in Poland. Janusz Korczak’s educational credo, one of the great educators of the century, was “education for the child according to their own path.” His vision is embedded in the culture, organization, and activity of the school. We aspire to continue his legacy.

The school is known for its leadership in specializing in students with learning disabilities, and students from all over the country come to us to learn about success. Unique and groundbreaking programs have been developed at the school, which are later implemented in many schools throughout the country.

Teachers undergo specialized training with an emphasis on individual care, tailored study plans, tutoring, completion of matriculation exams, social education, life skills, and more. All of this is accompanied by support, warmth, clear boundaries, and dedication.

The high school at WIZO Rehovot offers its students studies in various technological tracks – in all tracks, a full matriculation certificate and a technological certificate are awarded.


  • Socio-emotional pedagogy
    • Innovation
    • Commitment


  • The school’s curriculum includes an innovative range of technological programs such as fashion and jewelry design, communications, videography and photography.
  • The school has many years of experience specializing in teaching students with learning disabilities and in unique and groundbreaking programs.
  • The school staff is high-quality, professional, and experienced. They specialize in adapting study plans to the needs of the students.
  • There is a rich and diverse social life, which creates a sense of community and helps students develop important social skills.


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WIZO Rehovot Democratic Middle School

In 2023, a middle school opened its doors on the WIZO Rehovot campus in the spirit of a Democratic School, imbued with the values of democracy and humanism.

The school aims to provide an answer to students who wish to be part of a continuous and unique learning process. It expresses values ​​of equality and partnership, entrepreneurship and taking responsibility, choice, and personal curiosity through unique teaching and learning processes – elective courses, choosing topics and researching based on personal interest.

Learning is guided by a highly trained professional staff: mentoring, providing personalized learning, and utilizing various teaching methods and evaluations.

The school’s aspiration is to create a safe place to grow in – and to be who you are!


In our school, students have a sense of ability and self-confidence; they are autonomous, creative, and initiative-taking.

They are committed to personal development and contributing to society. They have a deep connection to the country, the people, and the heritage of Israel.

The teaching staff guide and gain a sense of purpose from genuine love of the craft belief in all students.

They are committed to the personal growth of all students.

The school community is based on humanistic and democratic values.

Values and Strengths

• Respect for human dignity, rights, and responsibilities
• Assisting students in identifying and achieving their goals
• Pluralistic learning and acceptance of others


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