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WIZO Australia

President Michelle Spiro
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  • Founded in 1937
  • Over 4,000 members
  • Represented in 5 of 7 states


  • The Joy Balkind Day Care Centre – Katamon, Jerusalem
  • The Raya Jaglom Multipurpose Day Care Centre – Tel Aviv
  • The Chorley Day Care Centre – Raánana
  • The Shikun Mizrach Day Care Centre – Rishon Le Tzion
  • WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim – Haifa
  • Makom Balev – Beér Sheva
  • The Rae & Tom Mandel Community Centre – Modiín
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Michelle Spiro President

I am both delighted and honored in my position as Federal President of WIZO Australia. I have had a long history with WIZO, having been a member for approximately 40 years and on the Federal Executive for the past 25 years. High on the agenda for WIZO Australia is succession, which I believe is the key to success and of course, raising funds for WIZO, which is vital. I love what we do, I love how we help people, and I will continue to work for the good of WIZO throughout my term.

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