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WIZO Chile

President Evelyn Schatloff Glasner
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  • Founded in 1925
  • Aids 14 municipal schools for disadvantaged children in Chile
  • Hosts “WIZO Week” every year since 1997 involving various community events
  • Over 40 groups today in four regional branches
  • Over 1,500 members and sponsors 


  • Supports 9 WIZO day care centers in Israel

Chairperson: Sandra Gabor Blum

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Evelyn Schatloff Glasner President

The priorities of WIZO Chile basically remain the same, helping others, Tikum Olám, as an NGO we are always willing to provide education, provide help in different areas and make ourselves known through our work as Jewish women volunteers in our society, we have been adapting to new times with the implementation of platforms for our networks and in this way facilitating our members, with participation in Gender Equality Seminars, against violence to women and in the family, with contributions to society through daily activities, in hospitals, schools, homes for the elderly and in our 14 schools with around 6,000 children along the country, and with the work and commitment of our groups of around 45 different groups. The great challenges as an organization of voluntary women, both in Chile and in Israel, are to continue fighting for gender equality, the valorization of women in the workplace, the recognition of the great social contribution that they provide daily in all areas, social spheres, equal opportunities and respect for work in relation to remuneration and their obligations. Our commitment and goals with World WIZO is to reach our financial share doing fundraising, social events and activities for our Javerot and Jewish and friends of our Community. In addition to maintaining our international recognition in UNICEF, ECOSOF, United Nations and a place in the ONU in Geneva and in Chile a place in ASONG.

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