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Hong Kong

WIZO Hong Kong


  • Raya Jaglom, then President of World WIZO, visited Hong Kong in the 1970s and initiated the sponsorship of a classroom in a WIZO day care center in Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv.
  • In the 1980s, on the initiative of Betty Crystal, who was living in Hong Kong, launched a Sponsor a Child campaign
  • In 1989, Ruth Tekoah, then Chairperson of WIZO Israel, visited Hong Kong and met with members of the Jewish Women’s Association (JWA) and suggested that they reconstitute themselves into a WIZO group. The JWA remained independent, but associated with WIZO.
  • In recent years, the JWA on behalf of WIZO donated funds towards the renovation of the Gina Fromer Shelter for Women Victims of Abuse and their Children.
  • This federation has not been fully active in the last few years.
Hong Kong
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