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WIZO Panama

President Selma Zalcer
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  • Founded in 1926 
  • Fundraising events include Rosh Hashanah Bazaar, WIZO Star, Sponsor A Child, Rebecca Sieff Raffle, and the Pesach Sale of Haggadot 
  • 8 groups in Panama City
  • WIZO Panama is highly involved in the local Jewish schools, awarding the Helen Borenstein Medal of Leadership each year upon a deserving graduate, and cultivating the next generation of WIZO activists


  • 3 WIZO day care centers in Israel
  • WIZO Nahalal Youth Village
  • WIZO Gan VaNof Youth Village 


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Selma Zalcer President

For me, WIZO is the direct connection with Israel, the most tangible way in which I can contribute to our medina from the diaspora. Since its creation, throughout its history, and in the coming generations, it will keep us connected, always adapting to the needs and priorities of disadvantaged Israeli society. WIZO always is helping build education and a future for the Israeli society in need. WIZO’s role is to ensure the future generations of Zionist leaders in the diaspora by bringing Zionists into their homes. Although WIZO Panama is a vibrant federation, with many young people involved, there is still a lot of work to be done. We need to connect with more young girls to understand the importance of reinforcing their Zionism and how our work benefits Israel its society and in the end all Jews in the world. WIZO has been part of my daily life for 47 years since I assumed the presidency of the Rebeca Sieff group in Panama. At that moment it was a group of newly married young women. My love and commitment to the organization have always been latent within me, and my family. B”H it will be like this all my life.

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