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Message from the President

‘"WIZO is my raison d’etre!  Why? Because I am a woman - a very privileged woman in that I understand how it feels to be fortunate with no pain and how it feels to experience pain and be helpless. Many women and children suffer and WIZO is there to empower them. The suffering of women, children and disadvantaged families can be repaired and strengthened by WIZO to become whole again. All of them, irrespective of race or religion, can be part of  society again and be restored to go on to live happy and satisfying lives. This is because we are WIZO! Our giving is their salvation. Their salvation is our salvation. This is what we all do as part of WIZO. To give a better life to those unable to do it alone. Long live WIZO!"


From its inception in 1897, the Zionist movement in South Africa had the support of independent women’s Zionist groups of Jewish women around the country.

In 1934, after a visit by Vera Weitzman, WIZO SA federation was established as WZO (Womens Zionist organization of SA). WZO was an affiliate of World WIZO, and received all the benefits of the WIZO federation, it abided by WIZO’s constitution, and continued with other aspects of Zionist work in which they were involved.

In 1998 WZO of South Africa changed its name to WIZO South Africa. 


WIZO South Africa is the largest Women’s Zionist Organisation in South Africa, is dedicated to improving the life of women and children in Israel through fundraising initiatives and  empowering women to strengthen identification with the State of Israel.

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Shelley Trope-Friedman

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