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President Mireille Manocherian
Tel: +212-751-6461
Chairman Lisa Ohebshalom
mail: WIZO@wizony.com

Message from the Co-President

As a Jewish woman, I can think of no better way to demonstrate my Zionism than to invest in the bright future of Israeli society through the many and varied projects that we at WIZO USA sponsor. We are fortunate that our community identifies so closely with the citizens of Israel, particularly the weakest sectors. I feel a great sense of pride in my volunteerism for the life-enhancing WIZO movement – because I know that Israel’s strength is in her people and it is through WIZO that Israel’s people are embraced, educated and empowered.


Established in 1982, WIZO USA is an organization whose primary focus is to support and fund its WIZO projects in Israel. Today, WIZO has chapters in New York, Florida, California, Georgia and Texas with over 15,000 donors.


Wizo USA promotes and enhances the bonds between American Jewry and the State of Israel through efforts to improve social service programs and educational facilities for babies, children, youth, women and the elderly in Israel.

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Mireille Manocherian

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