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WIZO South Africa: New Young WIZO Group in Durban

Spreading the light during Chanukah: New Young WIZO Group founded in South Africa

December 09, 2018

Welcome new Young WIZO group: WIZO Ahavah Tahorah in Durban South Africa! 

These young WIZO women used their initiative and established their own Young WIZO group, aimed at youth aged 12-21 years old. The new group held a special Channuka inauguration ceremony on the 8th of December 2018. They lit candles, ate and had a fabulous time together celebrating their founding. With the Durban community being only 1700, these girls have taken a monumental step for WIZO in bringing to life a WIZO group for their age range. These committed young women will meet yearly in 2019 to start their activity planning.

wizo durban girls

The WIZO Durban community and World WIZO Aviv are thrilled to welcome them and we are extremely exited to watch these young women grow and thrive along with their new Young WIZO group. The mother of one of the girls, Mandy Nackman is an Aviv herself and just came on the Young Leadership Mission 2018! The group is also extremely lucky to have former World Aviv Representative Laurienne Baitz supporting them. What an inspiration to see strong female Aviv leaders setting an outstanding example for the younger generation in the continuation of WIZO! 

mandy and laurieen young wizo durban

Laurienne Baitz far left, Mandy Nackman far right

Stay tuned with their activities here: WIZO Chaya Aviv Durban Facebook -

Be in touch with the global Aviv community here: World WIZO Aviv Facebook -